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    Stylish aluminium windows that combine exceptional thermal performance with refined looks

    Choosing the right aluminium windows for your home is an important decision. An investment that makes a real difference to how warm and secure you feel, as well as improving the look of your property. That is why we have carefully designed the Prestige window and door system to combine stylish looks with the latest technical innovation. Building on years of experience, we’ve incorporated many unique features to create an incredibly thermally efficient, secure system, with unparalleled aesthetic appeal, that’s available in a wide range of colours. Designed for discerning homeowners that aren’t willing to compromise, the Prestige range is tailored for those who demand more for their homes.


    1.4 U-value W/(m²K) Double glazed, 1.0 U-value Triple glazed

    Thermal transmittance, also known as a U-value, measures the rate of transfer of heat. The better-insulated a window is, the lower the U-value will be. Available with up to 44mm triple glazing for the ultimate thermal performance. Triple glazing can also provide exceptional acoustic dampening to block out unwanted noise.

    Patented Construction

    With sightlines starting as slim as 88mm, Prestige windows and doors help maximise the daylight entering your home, with crisp aluminium detailing creating a refined and architectural look. While our patented construction method – using threaded screws to bind corners tightly together – helps eliminate misaligned corner issues that can occur on ordinary aluminium frames. This allows each Sheerline window to be individually hand tuned to perfection. Leaving you with the perfect balance of understated refinement coupled to exacting quality standards, where no detail’s overlooked. Creating consistent aesthetics across every Sheerline window and door.

    Style Options

    Sheerline aluminium windows are available in a choice of two opening sash styles; ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a more modern minimalist aesthetic. Both styles are available in either our standard outer frame, or as a ‘Flush’ option that brings both the perimeter and the opening sash perfectly in-line with each other. We are happy to offer advice about which will complement your home’s style perfectly if required.

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    Below are some facts about Optima Casement windows 

    UPVC tilt and turn windows can be opened in two ways: tilting inwards from the top for ventilation, or swinging inward like a door for full access.

    Yes, UPVC tilt and turn windows are known for their excellent thermal performance, helping to minimize heat loss and reduce energy bills.

    Yes, the tilt function allows for easy access to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass, making cleaning simple and hassle-free.

    Absolutely, uPVC tilt and turn windows come with multi-point locking systems, providing enhanced security and peace of mind for homeowners.

    Yes, uPVC tilt and turn windows can be customized to fit specific size requirements and aesthetic preferences, with various color and finish options available.

    Our brochure is more than just a collection of pages; it’s a gateway to unlocking the possibilities of elevating your living spaces with the finest windows and doors. Download now and let the journey to a more beautiful and energy-efficient home begin.