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    Elevate Your Home with uPVC Casement Windows

    uPVC Casement windows offer a fully-integrated, versatile solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of any home. Available in both sculptured and chamfered variations, these windows effortlessly complement various architectural styles and ages, ensuring a beautiful fit for any property. With features such as optional centre seals for improved insulation and weather protection, uPVC Casement windows prioritize both comfort and durability.

    Featuring advanced thermal chambers in both the outerframe and sash, uPVC Casement windows deliver optimal thermal performance and structural rigidity, achieving impressive energy ratings of WER A+ with double glazing and WER A++ with triple glazing. The widest choice of glazing options on the market ensures cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions, while an extensive range of accessories provides everything needed to complete any project. With a secure bead system and strategic wall thickening for enhanced hardware retention, uPVC Casement windows offer both security and peace of mind for homeowners.

    uPVC Casement windows offer unparalleled energy efficiency and structural integrity, ensuring both beauty and performance for your home


    Thermal Performance

    uPVC Casement windows achieve impressive energy ratings, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency

    Versatile Glazing Options

    uPVC Casement windows provide flexibility for cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions

    Enhanced Security Features

    uPVC Casement windows offer reliable security and peace of mindeace of mind for homeowners.

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    Below are some facts about Optima Casement windows 

    UPVC tilt and turn windows can be opened in two ways: tilting inwards from the top for ventilation, or swinging inward like a door for full access.

    Yes, UPVC tilt and turn windows are known for their excellent thermal performance, helping to minimize heat loss and reduce energy bills.

    Yes, the tilt function allows for easy access to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass, making cleaning simple and hassle-free.

    Absolutely, uPVC tilt and turn windows come with multi-point locking systems, providing enhanced security and peace of mind for homeowners.

    Yes, uPVC tilt and turn windows can be customized to fit specific size requirements and aesthetic preferences, with various color and finish options available.

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