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Experience ultimate convenience and privacy with our integral blinds, seamlessly integrated within the double-glazed unit for a sleek and contemporary look. Operated with a discreet magnetic control system, our integral blinds offer effortless light and privacy control at your fingertips. Say goodbye to traditional blinds cluttering your windows and enjoy a clutter-free, modern solution for your home.

Explore our diverse range of windows designed to enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality. From sleek casement windows to elegant French windows, we offer high-quality solutions tailored to your unique preferences. Let natural light flood your space while enjoying superior energy efficiency and durability with our premium window options.

Venetian blinds provide versatile light control, allowing you to adjust the slats for privacy while still inviting natural light into your room. With our integrated Venetian blinds sealed within double-glazed units, they remain protected and maintenance-free, enhancing both convenience and aesthetics. Ideal for various openings including French doors, patio doors, and windows, our Uni-Blind® sealed units offer a choice of 5 control systems to suit your preference. Explore our extensive range of 14 color options, including the popular Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), perfectly complementing contemporary spaces and trending designs. With our integrated blinds designed in Italy, manufactured in the UK, and backed by a 5-year guarantee, elevate your living space with stylish light and shade control that enhances both form and function.

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Uni-Blinds offer an innovative solution for window and door dressing, featuring built-in blinds sealed within double-glazed units. With various control options like sliders or cord/winders, these blinds seamlessly integrate into PVC-U, aluminum, or timber frames, maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Thanks to their unique placement between glass panes, Uni-Blinds eliminate the need for external fittings, resulting in clean and uncluttered window and door surfaces. Available in Venetian and pleated styles, Uni-Blinds cater to diverse preferences, ensuring both style and functionality, making them a versatile solution to enhance privacy and shading while complementing any interior décor.

Commercial blinds with built-in functionality are an ideal choice for various commercial settings, including offices, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, leisure centers, retail, and public sector buildings. These blinds provide a sleek and contemporary appearance while offering flexible spaces with enhanced privacy and unobstructed sight lines. For public sector establishments like council premises, hospitals, universities, and schools, integral blinds offer hygienic benefits as they are fitted between glass panes, safeguarding them from damage, dirt, and dust, thus ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance over time. With a wide range of colors available, integral blinds for commercial and public buildings combine practicality with style, making them a versatile solution for modern architectural designs.


Pleated blinds offer a high-performance alternative to traditional window dressings. Available in a variety of stylish vanity or blackout fabrics and a wide range of colors, they seamlessly complement any interior design aesthetic. These blinds provide a soft diffusion of light while offering practical benefits, such as requiring no cleaning or maintenance. Safely enclosed within double or triple glazed panes of glass, they remain in pristine condition for years to come, making them ideal for rooms prone to condensation or water exposure, like bathrooms and kitchens. With a choice of 5 control systems, including manual corded and slider options, our range of Uni-Blind® sealed units with pleated blinds inside are easy to install by experienced door and window fabricators, ensuring hassle-free integration into any space.

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